The Weezy Combustor


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The Weezy Combustor

The Weezy Combustor has been specially developed for all cannabis lovers and those who want to take their smoking experience to the next level. Rolling joints and distributing the herbs yourself is now a thing of the past. This lightweight, aluminum Weezy allows you to enjoy your favorite herbs with surprising simplicity.

Pure smoking experience without tobacco!

So The Weezy Combustor works with a reusable capsule (included) or Jack-Pods so that you can fill yourself with up to 0.2 grams of your choice of herbs. And you can easily fill these lightweight capsules yourself with the Fill-iT 10 Tool or purchase them pre-filled from one of the affiliated coffee shops. Place the capsule in the Weezy, light it and start enjoying it immediately. After use, throw away the Jack-Pod. The reusable capsule can be used again next time. After about 5-10 uses, you can clean it with cleaning alcohol.

A special advantage of The Weezy Combustor

is the option to install the CTIP carbon filter. Because of this carbon filter you can enjoy 100% of the taste without inhaling too many harmful substances. A good and healthier choice for conscious users. We recommend replacing the filter after 5-10 Jack-Pods or reusable capsules.

Because of the conical in shape of CTIP carbon filter, it fits into our entire product line of combustors. But you can also perfectly use this filter in joints you roll yourself. So this makes the filter ideal for users with a combustor, but also for people who like to roll their own joints.

With its length of just 102 mm and weight of 21 grams, the Weezy is particularly compact. For taking your Weezy with you in a safe and protected way, we have developed the unique Weezy Travel Tube. So,would you like to bring an extra supply of herbs? And take a look at the Stash Tube 4+, including 4 reusable capsules, or the Stash Tube 4 that holds 4 Jack-Pods.