CBD Flowers

CBD flowers contains less than 0.2% THC, and therefore are 100% legal in Croatia.

Dried hemp flowers rich in CBD (because they are from the common EU strain variety list), and the exact content of CBD and THC is expressed at the declaration of the product according to the current analysis. So all the flowers contain CBD in the range of 3% to 12% and less than 0.2% THC. The weight of the filling is expressed in grams. Dried flowers are sold as raw material and organic-agricultural product without pesticides / herbicides

Please note that the product photo is only an example of the packaging. So because of that the CBD and THC values can deviate from this and be slightly above or below the value shown on the sample label. And the reason for this is that CBD flowers are a purely herbal product. So that means that the values of different harvest batches are rarely identical. The dried flowers are sold as aroma care products, not approved for consumption. The name is only used for product marketing. Certified EU hemp registered in the EU variety catalog..

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