Activated Charcoal Filters

Activated Charcoal Filters

More and more smokers want the best taste experience with as few harmful substances as possible.

The patented CTIP charcoal filter makes this possible.

Activated Charcoal Filters adheres to the harmful substances in the smoke and thus ensures that these do not end up in your mouth and lungs.

The advantages of this CTIP Activated Charcoal Filter include:

  • Tar filtering
  • A better taste
  • Allows the active substances to pass through
  • Absorption of harmful and toxic substances
  • Better airflow, which also benefits the taste
  • Filter made with aluminum housing, which is recyclable

The CTIP carbon filter is conical in shape and fits into our entire product line of combustors. But you can also perfectly use this filter in joints you roll yourself. This makes the filter ideal for users with a combustor, but also for people who like to roll their own joints.

Because each resealable bag contains a whopping 25 CTIP filters, you can continue to enjoy the taste experience of your herbs for a longer period of time. We recommend replacing the filter after 4-7 Jack-Pods or 1 rolled joint.

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